CoreShares Total World Stock Feeder ETF  
Focus and Objective
The Coreshares Total World Stock Feeder Exchange Traded Fund tracks the FTSE Global All Cap Index, which covers both well-established (developed) and still-developing (emerging) markets. To achieve its investment objective, the Fund will, apart from assets in liquid form, consist solely of participatory interests in the Vanguard Total World Stock ETF - accordingly the Fund is a Feeder Fund.

Comparative Performance
Technical Overview
Formation Date: 12 May 2021
Benchmark: Index
Holdings: n/a
Unit Holders: n/a
Original Price: n/a
Pricing System: Forward
Minimum Lump Sum: n/a
Minimum Monthly: n/a
Risk Rating: High
Dividend Yield
Vertical lines represent dividends.
Dividend History (last 3 years)
12 Oct 2021 5.71c

TER (30 Sep 2021): 0.27%
Perf Fee TER (30 Sep 2021): 0%
Annual: 0.15%
Performance: n/a
Top Holdings on 30 Sep 2021
Share No Units Value (Rm) % of Fund
VANGUARDWORLD 123 716 189.44 99.41%
Totals   189.44 99.41%

Asset Allocation
Sectoral Breakdown
CoreShares Total World Stock Feeder ETF
Performance to 18 Jan 2022
R1 000 Lumpsum (NAV-NAV Incl. Dividends)
Period Return Value(R) Inflation(R)
3 Months 4.68% 1 046.80 1 013.70
6 Months 9.33% 1 093.30 1 032.90
R100 per Month (NAV-NAV Incl. Dividends)
Period Return Value(R) Inflation(R)
3 Months -3.49% 293.07 302.90
6 Months 3.72% 613.14 609.75
* Values for periods greater than one year are annualised
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