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etfSA Investor Plan
This service, administered by an external Category III FSP (LISP), Automated Outsourcing Services (AOS), provides a platform for investment in all ETFs and ETNs listed on the JSE. Investments can be made in lump sums (from R1000) or regular debit orders (R150 per month).
Application Form
New Business Application Form - November 2019   [1.16Mb]
Terms and Conditions
Administrator Terms and Conditions - June 2019   [474kb]
Other Forms:
Repurchase (sale) - March 2018   [50kb]
Switches - March 2018   [46kb]
Debit Orders Amendment - March 2018   [66kb]
Additional Investments - March 2018   [77kb]
Transfer - March 2018   [77kb]
CSDP Transfer - March 2018   [77kb]
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For assistance with your discretionary investments, please contact: Wendy Hlatshwayo 
Tel: 010 446 0371